Here's a myriad of stuff I've made ranging from published podcasts to audio doodles. Some stuff I think is pretty good and some is not so good but I'm proud of all of it! I learned something from making all of it and I think that's pretty cool. 


Inherited. I'm the co-creator and producer of Inherited, a narrative podcast for, by, and about the youth climate movement, showcasing stories from within the movement and beyond. Created with Georgia Wright and distributed by Critical Frequency. 

What can I say about Inherited. Well, it's my life's work. That is my 25 years worth of life. But up until now, I have never created something so fun, challenging, and creative in my life. I have learned so much!

Climate one.jpg

I produced a segment for the podcast Climate One that give a run down of the climate policy landscape in the US from 2009 until now. I used to do this sort of thing for my first job out of college but it was never as fun as making this mash-up!

Entrepreneur #1.jpeg

Entrepreneur. While stuck together in a house during quarantine I made a podcast for my Mom! Well, she already had a podcast, but I made her a series based on a few interviews we did about her career as an entrepreneur. My mom is pretty cool, and making this series was pretty fun. It was incredible practice for interviewing. Oh, also I didn't narrate it because i was scared of narrating at that point.   

Tomatoes and the apocalypse.jpg

tomatoes, and annihilation. I made this piece for a contest I didn't win using one of the first interviews I ever made. I thought I was being ~edgy~ by not narrating but I think I was just being lazy. What a joy that interview was and what a joy making this piece was. 

Old state, young votes. I made this piece for an application for a job I didn't get using tape from the first reporting trips I ever made. I only used one song the whole time, I didn't know what else to do!