Here's a myriad of stuff I've made ranging from published podcasts to audio doodles. Some stuff I think is pretty good and some is not so good but I'm proud of all of it! I learned something from making all of it and I think that's pretty cool. 


Inherited. I'm the co-creator and producer of Inherited, a narrative podcast for, by, and about the youth climate movement, showcasing stories from within the movement and beyond. Created with Georgia Wright and distributed by Critical Frequency. 

What can I say about Inherited. Well, it's my life's work. That is my 25 years worth of life. But up until now, I have never created something so fun, challenging, and creative in my life. I have learned so much!

Bradley Final Story Photo.png

All the Little Things. This is my final feature story for my Salt semester. I learned SO much from reporting and producing this story. It pushed how I saw my role as a storyteller and producer and I went through so many rollercoasters of ethical anxiety and emotions in making this piece. I am forever grateful for every single one of my Salt Classmates, my instructor and my TA, and to Samantha and Mike. I'm proud of everything that went into this piece. 

Climate one.jpg

I produced two segments for the podcast Climate One. One is a run down of the climate policy landscape in the US from 2009 until now. The other was a short profile of Angie and June Provost from the 1619 podcast. 

Onward. This piece is a profile produce during my time at Salt. It is about a ultrarunner named Danny who recently set the unsupported fastest known time of the Hundred Mile Wilderness in Western Maine. Incredibly fun to make and so grateful for Danny for sharing his story.

Entrepreneur #1.jpeg

Entrepreneur. While stuck together in a house during quarantine I made a podcast for my Mom! Well, she already had a podcast, but I made her a series based on a few interviews we did about her career as an entrepreneur. My mom is pretty cool, and making this series was pretty fun. It was incredible practice for interviewing. Oh, also I didn't narrate it because i was scared of narrating at that point.   

Tomatoes and the apocalypse.jpg

tomatoes, and annihilation. I made this piece for a contest I didn't win using one of the first interviews I ever made. I thought I was being ~edgy~ by not narrating but I think I was just being lazy. What a joy that interview was and what a joy making this piece was. 

Old state, young votes. I made this piece for an application for a job I didn't get using tape from the first reporting trips I ever made. I only used one song the whole time, I didn't know what else to do!