JulES Bradley

a nightmare (?)
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This has no title but someone told me it sounded like the soundtrack of a nightmare. I'll take that as a compliment. (Feb. 2021)

All The Little Things
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All The Little Things. This is my final story for Salt. It tested me in all the ways and I am a different storyteller and person because of it. (Dec. 2020)

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Onward. A piece about running a lot in a short period of time and a very cool friend named Danny (thank you Danny!) (Oct. 2020)

tomatoes, and annihilation
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tomatoes, and annihilation. I made this piece for a contest I didn't win using one of the first interviews I ever did. What a joy that interview was and what a joy making this piece was. (May 2020)

Old state, young votes
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Old state, young votes. I made this piece for an application for a job I didn't get using tape from the first reporting trips I ever made. I only used one song the whole time, I didn't know what else to do! (March 2020)