Julianna Bradley

All The Little Things
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All The Little Things. This is my final story for Salt. It tested me in all the ways and I am a different storyteller and person because of it. 

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Onward. This piece is a profile produce during my time at Salt. It is about a ultrarunner named Danny who recently set the unsupported fastest known time of the Hundred Mile Wilderness in Western Maine. Incredibly fun to make and so grateful for Danny for sharing his story.

tomatoes, and annihilation
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tomatoes, and annihilation. I made this piece for a contest I didn't win using one of the first interviews I ever made. I thought I was being ~edgy~ by not narrating but I think I was just being lazy. What a joy that interview was and what a joy making this piece was. 

Old state, young votes
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Old state, young votes. I made this piece for an application for a job I didn't get using tape from the first reporting trips I ever made. I only used one song the whole time, I didn't know what else to do!