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JulES Bradley

This is a non-exhaustive list of things that helped me get started in audio/radio! I am still learning from all of these resources today and I wanted to put them in a place for others to access. Also, so many of these resources were shared by others, so please let me know if you have something you think I should add to the list. 


***Check out audio producer Talia Augustidis incredible list of resources here

[ Read these first ]

[ Great places to get started! ]

[ Newsletters ]

[ Workshops and Classes (some free some not) ]

[ Podcasts about making podcasts ]


[ Sound/Sound Design ]


[ Sounds and music ]


[ Recording and Editing ]

Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) aka editing softwares: 

  • Reaper: less expensive, open source, very malleable (I use this and really love it and have a millions reasons why )

  • Pro Tools: expensive, but has a student discount, industry standard (bleh)

  • Hindenburg: used in a lot of journalism, cool shapes

  • Audition: Adobe’s editing software, a lot of student's get it for free

  • Audacity: Free and pretty simple

  • Garage band: free, simple, built into Macs

*The basic editing functions are pretty similar in each software! It’s more a matter of capacity and the extent of sound design you want to include ( you can make something just as good on garage band as on protools )


[ Editing videos/resources ]

*There are plenty of others online. There are also a ton of music specific editing resources that can translate to podcasting


[ Recording equipment ]

  • Your phone is great! Expensive equipment is not a necessity for excellent audio storytelling! But, if you are interested I've listed some equipment below ( I didn't get all this right away, you can take your time to pull together you kit)

  • Standard field equipment: (Mic, recording device, headphone, windscreen, cables)

  • Standard studio (at home) recording: (Mic, mic stand, pre-amp, headphones, soundproofing)

  • Resources:

[ Finding work/freelancing ]

*I am no expert and this is different for everyone but here are a few resources to help with logistics around freelancing, being paid fairly, and finding work. I wish I could put more here but I'm still learning.

[ Pieces, sounds, stories, sounds and shows I love and you may too (I add to this alot) ]

*non-exhaustive list, I will continue to add to it!

Email me at if you have something for me to add to the list!

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