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Hello! I'm Jules (she/her) and I'm an audio producer and farmer living in Portland, Maine. I'm the co-creator and producer of Inherited with Georgia Wright, a podcast about young people facing climate change, a production of YR Media and the Critical Frequency Network. I'm also a farmer, audio artist and facilitator. I teach the courses for the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. In 2022, my piece "Thank you for Calling", for BBC Short Cuts was named a pick of the year for BBC Radio! Another piece for Short Cuts, "an illogical accordion" was named a 2023 On Air Fest Official Select. 


 In my past, I was a producer at Dustlight Productions, a restaurant worker, a dog walker, a DC policy chump, and many other things. 

I came to audio by way of climate and food justice work and am constantly curious about how the two can support each other. I love experimental/experiential audio, finding and making weird sounds, and challenging what it means to tell stories. I love listening to, collaborating on, and pondering about slow radio, found sound, and audio art.

For small talk's sake - I grew up in Pennsylvania, studied anthropology and environmental studies at Brown University and attended the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies at Maine College of Art. I'm happiest when I'm playing my fiddle with friends, puttering in my garden, or just looking at my cat Dobby. I'm currently learning how to draw, play the banjo, slow down, and grow corn.  

*I'm available for 15-20 hours of work starting in December 2023. My rates are $55/hr for production, $75/hr for sound design/mixing, and $150/hr for teaching. Reach out if you want to work together!

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living and working in Wabanahkik on Abenaki/Abénaquis & Wabanaki Confederacy land

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